OneMoreBuck Epson 802 Ink Cartridges (Re-Manufactured/Repackaged), Works for Epson WF-4720 WF-4730 WF-4734 WF-4740 Printers, Standard Plus Capability (C XL Plus, 3 Standard Plus Cyan)

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Do you Hate Extremely High Price of BRAND Cartridges?
Do You Worry about Remanfactured Cartridges with Refilled Ink Harm your Body and Clog Your Printer Nozzle?
Our Solution for You
Repackaged Epson 802 Ink Cartridges with Original Epson Ink Inside
Affordable Price with Same Quality as the Brand,
60-DAY Money-Back by US and Buy-One-Get-One-20%Off, if you Order from our website
30-DAY Money-Back by Amazon, if you Order from Our Amazon Store
Affordable Price compare to Brand Cartridges
The same price or little high value than Remanfuctured Cartridges, but NEVER worry about your Printer being Clogging price 
How to Order our Epson 802 Ink Cartridges on AMAZON
Search on Amazon,, by 'Epson 802 Ink' or 'Epson Ink 802', or 'Epson 4730 ink' or '802 Ink Cartridges', and find the figure as below. There are totally 8 combinations with different color for your choice.
Notice: All of Remanufactured Epson 802 Cartridges on Amazon just include standard capability Black, NOT XL Black.
More Option in Our Website by Click
There are totally 12 different options with different combination of Epson 802 Cartridges for your choice.
How to Distinguish between Original Ink and Remanufactured or Refilled Ink 
As all of remanufactured Epson 802 Cartridges remanufactured from USED Epson 35 Cartridge (which is Asian Version, we use Epson 802 Cartridge). It would be hard for you to distinguish original Epson ink and refilled ink, as both inks are in Epson's cartridges. However, if you tear off the covered label on the cartridges, it is easy to find one or two holes on the cartridges and they are resealed by glue. You would also see the number '35' we mention above on the cartridges. In addition, the reseal glue smell terrible. Caution: when you tear off the covered label, keep your nose away from the cartridge as far as possible.
Why Printer Nozzle is easily be Killed by Remanufactured Cartridges with Brandless Refilled Ink?
Ink itself is High-Tech outcome. There are just several World Renowned Companies have the ability to produce high quality ink. Why? Do you image how small of your printer nozzle? It is less than 10 micros (0.0003 inch). 3000 printer nozzle lined one by one is just 1 inch. This is why the nozzle is easily been clogged by Refilled Ink.
Three Drawbacks for Remanufactured Epson 802 Cartridges
1. The particles resulted from drilling hole on the cartridges would kill your printer nozzles sooner or later  
On Amazon, all of the remanufactured  Epson 802 cartridges are remanufactured by one Chinese Company. If you tear off the covered label on those cartridges, you would find all of them are the same. They drill hole on used Epson 35 Cartridges to refill ink inside (that are Asian Version, while we use Epson 802 cartridges). You already knew above how small for your printer nozzle, the particles just resulting from the drilling hole on the cartridges will kill your printer nozzle sooner or later.
2. Reunited Effect for the Chemical and Physical Particle in Ink
As we mentioned above, the ink itself is high-tech outcome. Why? It seems just add some dyes into the water. Actually, it is not simple as you imaged. The dye used in ink can not be solved by water, and they just suspend in water by several emulsifers. However, the water-dye-emulator system is not stable. How to make it stable for years is the High-Tech. Refilled with Brandless ink can not last long, normally just couple months. Once water-dye-emulator system of the Brandless ink break down, it will kill your printer nozzles.
3. Refilled Ink would Harm Your Body and Deteriorate Your Health
Like Benzene and its Homologues and Formaldehyde, they are often used in ink. Those chemicals are harmful to your health and even resulting Cancer. In order to solve this issue, the several World Renowned Companies spend huge amount of Money and take several years to get harmless and environment-friend materials to alternate the harmful ones.